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10:20AM – 10:40AM

Going Viral (Social Media Marketing)

Speaker:     Layla Starr

If everything is digital these days why can’t consumers find your music? Tips for being discovered.

10:45AM – 11:05AM


Speaker:Catherine Bird – &  & FACTOR REP – TBA

Grants! Grants! Grants! How does this grant thing work and how do you get yours?

11:10AM – 11:30PM

How to produce a music
Video that will go viral

Speaker:        Fatty Soprano

Music videos in the making. Find out from one of Canada’s elite what it takes and how to become successful at it.

11:35PM – 11:55PM

Urban Grandstand Magazine

Speaker:         Urban Grandstand

Urban Grandstand Digital is an urban culture and entertainment magazine, based in
Cleveland, Ohio. They aim to provide material that is uplifting to urban culture, while
obviously striving to maintain the entertainment factor. They aim to steer clear of the
very things that continue to diminish our culture and overall value in society.

12:00AM – 12:20PM

College radio, and why it is
taking over

Speaker:       Paula from Vibe 105 (Ryerson) Solitaire from Vibe 105

Radio is still king. How to submit material and get it played.

12:25PM – 12:45PM


Speaker:       Rep from ACTR-TBA

What are you entitled to as a recording artist, for the use of your work? ACTRA RACS will
break down performance royalties for featured and non-featured artists, in all genres of
recorded music.

12:50AM –  1:10PM

Digital Streaming

Speaker:       TBA

Insight from one of Canada’s original Hip Hop pioneers.

1:00PM –2:00PM


2:00PM – 2:30PM

Keynote Speaker



2:35PM – 2:55PM

The Anatomy of a Hit Song Panel

Speaker:Jazz Feezy

Hit songs and Hit songwriters. How to write them and how to become one.

3:00PM – 3:30PM


Speaker:Exco Levi (2017 Juno Award Winner)


3:30PM – 3:50PM

Production Panel


The future of writing beats and producing. What is the Canadian flavour and why are we so successful at this?

3:55PM – 4:25PM


Speaker:Peter Jackson


4:30PM – 5:55PM


Speaker:J-Mac & Solitaire

Drop your song in the box and hope we play it. Get feedback from a panel of experts
and maybe you become discovered!