September 02, 2017

Bond Place Hotel  65 Dundas St E, Toronto


9:15AM – 10:00AM


10:00AM – 10:15AM

Opening Address

Speaker: Eb Reinbergs

The Canadian Urban Music 2016/2017 overview and outlook for the future.

10:20AM – 10:40AM

Going Viral (Social Media Marketing)

Speaker:   Layla Starr

If everything is digital these days why can’t consumers find your music? Tips for being discovered.

10:45AM – 11:05AM


Speaker:Catherine Bird – 

Grants! Grants! Grants! How does this grant thing work and how do you get yours?

11:10AM – 11:30AM

How to produce a music
Video that will go viral

Speaker: Cazmere

Music videos in the making. Find out from one of Canada’s elite what it takes and how to become successful at it.

11:35PM – 11:55PM

College radio, and why it is taking over

Speaker: Justin Bring Ya Eh Game CIUT College Radio

Radio is still king. How to submit material and get it played.

12:00PM – 12:20PM


Speaker:       Andrew Karis ACTRA Recording Artists’ Collecting Society

What are you entitled to as a recording artist, for the use of your work?
ACTRA RACS will break down performance royalties for featured and
non-featured artists, in all genres of recorded music.

12:25PM – 12:40PM


Speaker:     Eb Reinbergs

Get your legal entertainment questions answered by Toronto’s top entertainment lawyer.

12:45PM – 1:45PM


1:50PM – 2:20PM

Keynote Speaker

Speaker: Solitaire

2:25PM – 2:45PM

How to turn your performance into a show

Speaker:       Dwayne – Mayhem Brothers -Choreographer

Learn what a show is really about from a pro

2:50PM – 3:05PM


Speaker: Exco Levi (2017 Juno Award Winner)

Interview with a 5 time Juno Award Winner

3:10PM – 3:25PM


Speaker: J-Mac

The future of writing beats and producing. What is the Canadian flavour and why are we so successful at this?

3:30PM – 3:40PM

Benjamin Verde Presents..

Speaker: Kandy K


3:45PM – 4:05PM


Speaker: Peter Jackson

Interview with Hip Hop’s hardest working urban artist

4:10PM – 5:55PM


Speaker: J-Mac, Solitaire, Gee Wunder, Justin

Drop your song in the box and hope we play it.
Get feedback from a panel of experts and maybe you become discovered!

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